About the Author

Roger Barr


Roger Barr is the author of ten published books, 30 short stories and countless newspaper and magazine articles.  His most recent book The Christmas Promise: More Holidays Stories from Roger Barr, collects nine Christmas stories originally written and published from 2011-2019.  His collection Getting Ready for Christmas & Other Stories collects 13 stories written and published from 1997-2010. His novel The Treasure Hunt, based on the St. Paul Winter Carnival was published in 1992.   He is the author of seven non-fiction books, including books on the Vietnam War, Richard Nixon and Malcolm X. His play “Decoration Day” was selected as a 2010 winner of the Lakeshore Player’s 10 Minute Play Festival. He was the winner of The Loft’s Spring Writing Contest in 2013 and received third place in the nationally advertised Hal Prize short story competition for “Lost and Found” in 2017 and for “Hail Mary” in 2018.  He recently completed the manuscript of a new novel Humbug:  The Untold Story of the Wizard of Oz.  He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.